MONDAY JUNE 24, 2019





OWNERS PHONE:   Jim – 403-350-6966  
                                  Colin – 403-348-1980



-2013 CIH 600 Quad Trac  AFS Tractor, 6 hyd, 1000PTO, 16 Speed Power Shift  Trans, 36” Tracks, Luxury Cab, GPS, Cameras, Led Light Package, Power Mirrors, Cab Suspension, Twin Flow Hyd. Pumps, Emission Delete 2018, 2006 drive line hours, 3493 engine hours, sn: ZCF133236

-2008 CIH 435 Steiger Tractor, quad hyd, 1000PTO, 16 spd Power Shift Trans, Luxury Cab, Trimble Auto Pilot GPS w/Ezee Guide 500 Monitor, High Flow Hyd pump, 710/70R42 duals, front & rear weights, Leon 4000 16’ 6way hyd. Quick Attach Dozer Blade w/silage screen, skid shoes, 5400hrs, sn:78F109996.

-2002 CIH MX 110 Maxxum MFWA Tractor, 4 spd Syncro w/4 spd Power Shift Trans w/left hand reverser, tri hyd, 3pth, dual PTO, 14.9-28 f.r., 18.4X38 r.r., 4104hrs, sn:JJA0118027

-2002 CIH MX 110 Maxxum MFWA Tractor,4 spd Syncro, w/ 4 spd  Power shift trans w/left hand reverser, tri hyd, 3pth, dual PTO, 14.9-28 f.r., 18.4X38 r.r., 4216hrs, sn:JJA0117671

- 2002 CIH MX 100 Maxxum MFWA Tractor,4 spd Syncro, w/ 4 spd  Power shift trans w/left hand reverser, tri hyd, 3pth, dual PTO, 14.9-28 f.r., 18.4X38 r.r., 8431hrs, sn:X100AC3JJE1102804.

- 1950 W4 Tractor w / Graham G3 Seed Treating System & 8" Sakundiak Auger




-2001 Western Star Tandem Grain Truck, 430hp CAT C12 dsl, 18spd Eaton Fuller Trans, 20k front axle, 46k rear axle, Renn 20’ Box, 60” Sides, Hyd. Silage Endgate, Harsh Hoist, Shurlock ROT, 445/65R22.5f.r., 11R22.5 r.r., pup hitch, 19,785hrs, 188,824 miles, sn:2WLPCD2G81K966892.

-1995 Western Star 4964S Tandem Grain Truck, 435hp CAT dsl (480hp w/chip), Eaton Fuller 18spd trans, 16k front axle, 40k rear axle, Renn 20’ Box, 60” Sides, Hyd. Silage Endgate, Shurlok ROT, 385/65R22.5 f.r., 11R24.5r.r., pup hitch, Nordic TL2627 hoist 15,486hrs, 347,125kms, sn: 2WLPCCCH7SK939895.

-20’ Deck & Round Bale Frame to fit 1995 Western Star Truck. 

-2008 Advance Tridem Grain Pup, w/2016 CBI 22’ Grain Box, 60” sides, Hyd. Silage Endgate, Michels Loadloc ROT, Nordic TL2627, Air Ride,
  sn: 2AESPVKH86E000196.

-1996 Renn Tridem Grain Pup, 22’ Renn box, 60” Sides, Hyd. Silage Endgate, Shurlok ROT, Nordic TL2627 Hoist, Spring ride, 295/75R22.5 rubber,
  sn: 2R9486HE011641221.

-2011 Parker 1048 S.A. Grain Cart w/Lightning Fast Inline Auger, 1048bu, ROT, Digital Scale, 1000PTO, 900/60R32 rubber, sn:B28180129.




-2012 GMC Sierra 1500 Reg Cab 4X4 long box, ac, pl, 98,243kms, sn:1GTN2TEA5DZ116296.

-2009 GMC Sierra 1500 Reg Cab Short Box, AC, 92,267 kms, sn: 1GTEC14X19Z275833

-1985 Ford F350 Reg. Cab, 2wd truck, 6.9L dsl, 4spd trans, Flatdeck w/Gin Pole & winch, 193,732kms, sn:2FDKF37171CB17935.




-2014 CIH 400 Flex Hoe 58’ Air Drill, 12” Spacing, Single Chute 5” Ribbon Openers, 650lb trips, 5 1/2” Semi Pneumatic packer wheels, single row harrows, primary blocking sensors, sn: YDS045057, w/2014 Bourgault 6450 Leading Series Tow Between Air Tank, 450bu, 4 tanks, 3 meter, single high output fan, 10” Deluxe Hyd. Auger, Top Con X30 touch screen monitor w/digital camera & monitor, light pkg, 900/60R32 rubber, sn: 41711AS-02.

-2017 Flexicoil ST820 60’ Bi Fold Cultivator, 12” spacing, knock on spikes, 3 bar mounted harrows, 650lbs trips,original spikes (50% wear), also new knock on sweeps to fit, sn: YDS045206.

-Flexicoil 820 41’ DT Cult., 12” spacing, 650lb trips, Dicky John NH3 kit, Dutch NH3 Knives, 4 bar mounted harrows w/new tines.

-2012 Riteway 8100 68’ Heavy Harrow w/hyd down pressure & tine adjustment,

-2015 CIH 370 True Tandem 38’ Double Wing Disc, 3bar harrows, 26” discs, approx 2000acres, sn:YDD069727.

-Ezee-On 8550 16.5’ Breaking Disc w/serrated discs, 1070 lbs/ft, sn: 44380

-Haybuster 3106 Rock-Eze Rock picker w/rake, sn: EJ367706

-Sovema 250 3pth Rototiller

-MF 12’ 3pth Cult. w/Morris 4 bar mounted harrows




-2014 CIH 3330 Patriot High Clearance Sprayer, 120’ Booms w/double nozzles, Aim Command Pro System, 1000gal tank, Deluxe Leather Cab, HID Lights, Tridekon Air Lift crop dividers, AFS Pro 700 Monitor, GPS, 650/65R30 rubber,380/90R46 extra tires, wide & narrow fenders,  820hrs, sn: YDT037578.

-Air Powered hyd. Jack for sprayer tire change

-Tire Changing attachment to fit pallet forks

-Chem Handler I w/1750gal Poly Tank w/Honda 5.5 hp Pacer pump on 20’ Skid Frame

-3000gal tank w/Honda 3” gas pump




-2004 Kobelco SK210LC Trac Hoe, 36” digging bucket, 60” clean up bucket, thumb, Aux. Hydraulics, 5427hrs, sn: Y008-U1494

-2011 Case 521E XR Wheel Loader, Extended reach arms, Z bar bucket Tilt, hyd quick attach, ride control, 20.5R25 rubber, Craig 2 1/2 yard bucket w/grapple, 4179hrs, sn: NAF210226

-Craig 48” Pallet Forks

-S.B. Hay Sweep w/Hyd. Push w/Craig Quick attach

-Garbage Dumpster w/Craig Quick attach

-Eversman Model 900 Scraper, sn: 1024




-Bunning Wide Body 180 S.A. Manure Spreader w/Vertical beaters, 1200bu/18MT, 710/70R38 rubber, large 1000 PTO shaft, small 1000PTO shaft.

-Cattlelac 450 4 Auger Feed Wagon, left hand discharge, w/Avery Weightronics scale, sn:03HZ20687.

-Haybuster 2564 Bale Processer w/blower, sn:FJ053964

-1993 Southland 18’ G.N. Stock Trailer, centre divider, escape door, sn:2S9JN4354P1023288.

-20-Hi Qual 16’ 5 bar H.D. Panels w/rack

-Hi Qual 12’ Gate

-Hi Qual Headgate

-Level Wind Wire Roller

-Shaver Front Mount Post Pounder

-Pallet good used Barb Wire




-2013 CIH 9230 AFS Combine, premium cab, leather, AFS Pro 700 Monitor, HID Lights, Hopper Extension, straw chopper and spreader w/new rotary & stationary blades, small tube rotor w/Sunnybrook concaves & extra concaves, extra long unload auger w/tilt spout, independent unload, Reimer Tuning DEF Delete, 620/70R42 duals, 750/65R26r.r., 2013 CIH 3016 Pick up, 1531 eng. hrs, 1131 sep. hrs, sn: YDG218675

-2011 CIH 7120 AFS Combine, premium cab, AFS Pro 600 monitor,  hopper extensions, straw chopper & spreader, extra long unload auger, Steinbauer chip, 900/60R32f.r., 540/65R30r.r.,  CIH 3016 Pick up, 951 engine hrs, 720 sep. hrs,
 sn: YBG212234.

-2008 MacDon D50 25’ Header, double swath, single knife, hyd. fore/aft & hyd. tilt, A.H.H.C., Trail Tech Mover, adapter to fit CIH, sn: 184436

-2011 MacDon D60-D 30’ Header, double swath, double knife & double reel, hyd. fore/aft control, hyd. tilt, A.H.H.C., factory transport, w/adaptor to fit CIH Combines, sn: 208555

-Feeder chain to fit CIH Combine, approx. 50hrs




-2009 Westward M150 Dual Direction, w/MacDon D60-D 30’ Header, double knife, double swath capable & double reel, factory transport, 600/65R28f.r., 15.5L-16.1r.r.,  transport weight, hyd. fore & aft hyd. tilt, 1081 cutting hrs, 1505 engine hrs, sn: 190338

-2001 Westward 9352 w/MacDon 972 Harvest Header 21’ Pick up reel, double knife, double swath, hyd. tilt, S.B. transport, 540/65R24f.r., 2794 cutting hrs, 3752 engine hrs, sn: 142612.

-2017 MacDon R85 13.5’ Discbine platform, done approx. 200 acres, sn: 310289




-2011 Western Grain Dryer Inc. Model 1610 Grain Dryer System 9,200,000btu, 480V, 3 phase, 2 VFD Auger controls, 2-20hp fans, 1-10hp fan, 20’ Sea Can control room, w/ 2 Sakundiak HD8-60’ Circle Augers w/20hp, 480V electric motors.

-Keho Model ATS80734 Super Flow Bin Fan, 7.5hp, 480V, Flexible Sock, sn: 2018SFW02860.



-2011 Universal 60’ Grain Leg w/5 discharges
-2-Carter Day Uniflow CWB1 Indent Grain Cleaners, sn: SD3723, SD3724,

-2012 Carter Day CZG2 Uniflow Grain Cleaner, sn: CD015566

-2012 Carter Day DRA1 Air Screen Cleaner w/extra screens, suction fan & surge 
  bin, sn: CD015565.



-1950 McCormick Deering W4 Gas Tractor, 12V conversion w/2-Sakundiak 8”X30’ Augers & Graham G20 Seed Treater, w/7” Auger.

-Graham Double Tank Seed Treater

- Sno-Co. Seed Cleaner


-4-2017 Meridian 2705 Hopper Bottom Bins, 12,500bu, 27’ Diameter, w/Rocket Aeration, Temp Cables.

2-2011 Meridian 1825 Hopper Bottom Bin, 6400bu, 18’ Diameter, epoxy lined,
 sn: 61-2011-06-25812, sn: 61-2011-06-25826

-2-Meridian 1620 Hopper Bottom Bins, 4100bu, 16’ Diameter, Epoxy lined, double
 ring,  sn: 2009-03-29969, sn: 2009-03-29978.





-2014 Brandt 5200EX Grain Vac, 131 hrs,  sn: 10899714

-2011 Nu Vision Grain Max 1385 Mech. Swing Auger w/Hyd. Hopper Drive, Hyd.  
 Winch, sn: 4385219

-1995 Spray Air 4261 12” X 61’ Mech. Swing Auger

-2017 Brandt 1042  Auger w/EZ Move SP Kit & Reverser, Kohler 35hp electric start motor, sn: 1226609-17.

-Sakundiak HD8 – 1000 Grain Auger w/Kohler Command Pro, 24.5hp, E.S. engine

-2-Westfield J207-31 7” X 31’ Grain Augers w/5hp, 230V Electric motors

-Sakundiak HD8- 1000 Grain Auger w/5hp, 240V Electric motor

-Westfield 7” X 38’ Grain Auger w/electric motor



-2011 JD 568 Mega Wide Plus Rd Baler w/net wrap, 21.5L-16.1 rubber, 19,493 bales, sn: 1E00568XCAB375521

-2016 Kuhn GA4220 TH Master Drive Rotary Rake, approx 10hrs., sn:B0852

-2010 CIH FHX300 Forage Harvester, rock stopper, tandem walking beam, large 1000PTO shaft, HDX20P Pick up, sn:HBJ0047727

-Jiffy 900 High Dump Silage Wagon, 425/65R22.5 rubber w/tandem rear axles,

-Inland Hayliner 2000 14 bale mover

-24’ Flatdeck Bale Rack

-12 Bale Capacity Rack for Flatdeck Truck

-Quantity of Hay Tarps

-2 Rolls 67”X 8000’ Net Wrap




- S.A. Utility Hyd. Dump Trialer w / 12 ' Wood Box

- 500 Gal Water Tank on Transport w / Briggs & Straton motor & 2" Pump.

-Kato Light 25KVA PTO Generator on transport, sn: 71722-176

-2500gal & 3000gal Fuel Tank on skid w/Tokheim/Fillrite 120V 16GPM Pump

-Square Slip Tank w/hand pump

-1000L Tank of 15W40 Oil

-1000L Tank of Hi Tran Oil

-35’ Skid Frame

-3000gal Metal Tank

-Valmar Air Seeder Hose

-Differentia lRebuilt for 3 ton Truck

-18’ Metal Trough

-Quantity of Cults, Shovels, Sweeps

-Alum. Toolbox

-Wood Toolbox

-2- Sabre Crop Shears, 1 RH, 1 LH


-Implement Tires

-3pth Mount Bale Spike

-Sandblast Cabinet

-Feed bunks, (3) 30’ L x 51” W x 20” D, (3) 26’7” L x 42 W x 18” D

-Bale Elevator w/gas engine

-Level wind wire roller

-5 ton chain hoist

-DEF pump

-Liberty pump & tote (1/2 full)

-Swather lifters

- Gophinator

AUCTIONEERS NOTE: This sale offers a line of high quality, late modeled, low houred well cared for equipment.  The majority of the equipment has been shedded.  The Smiths take great pride in every piece of equipment they own and has been on a strict maintenance program.  Take note grain drying & grain cleaning equipment as well as the grain bins will sell shortly after 11:00AM followed by the machinery, as there is a very small amount of miscellaneous items.