Regular Cattle Sale/Sheep & Goat Sale

TUESDAY November 23, 2021


Butcher cattle, Feeders, Yearlings,  

Ring 2 – Dairy Barn – Sale Time 12:00P.M.
Baby Calves, Sheep, Goats, Hogs
20 Berkshire Hogs weighing 150lbs to 200lbs

Ring 3 - Sale Time – 10:00A.M. – selling Hay and Straw

5 Mini Donkeys

-Mom & baby Jenny born July, mom exposed to Jack

-Painted Mom and baby Jack born June, mom exposed to Jack

-Chocolate Mom daughter of the first Jenny  & Jack

-Gelded Jack

-Proven Jack Nine Years Old, Sired many babies, very quiet, grand kids ride him and the moms have been exposed to him.

All Donkeys quiet and be handled and pickup feet.