Regular Cattle Sale @ 9:00am/Video Cattle @ 11:00am/ Sheep & Goat Sale @ 12:00pm

TUESDAY May 18, 2021

Butcher cattle, Feeders, Yearlings,  

Ring 2 – Dairy Barn – Sale Time 12:00P.M.
Baby Calves, Sheep, Goats, Hogs

Ring 3 - Sale Time – 10:00A.M. – selling Hay and Straw


Video Cattle

  SCHMIDT LAND & CATTLE (Kent & Carter)
130 Blacks & Red X Steers    
Video Cattle - SALE TIME: 11:00AM

Consisting of 130 Blacks & Red X Steers,       Approx. Sale WT:   920lbs

 Wt. Range:  870 to 970lbs                          Med to Large Frame            Med Flesh      
4 % Shrink,                  No Slide,                          Sale Weighted Tuesday Morning                 
FOB Farm           Feed: 25% Barley & Silage      Full Health              

High Percentage A.V.       of 2 Loads Blacks & Red X Steers, (sorted)                     

Delivery Immediately,   

  If not picked up by the morning of Thursday May 20 a $2.25 per head feed charge applies.

Located: 21miles east of Innisfail on Hwy 590