Regular Cattle Sale 09:00 /Sheep & Goat Sale/ Special Feeder/Calf Sale

TUESDAY September 29, 2020


Butcher cattle, Feeders, Yearlings,  

Ring 2 – Dairy Barn – Sale Time 12:00P.M.
Baby Calves, Sheep, Goats, Hogs

Selling (10) does and (25) kids boer cross, various sizes, 1 owner.


Selling (21) hd of spanish boer x doelings. 70-74lbs. Weaned, been on hay, grain & pellets.


Herd dispersal of barbados sheep. Ewes will be bred to the rams in pictures. More info to come.



Ring 3 - Sale Time – 10:00A.M. – selling Hay and Straw