Special Bred Heifer & Stock Cow Sale


THURSDAY December 13, 2018

**SALE TIME 11:00A.M.**

     Rafter 17 Ranching (Buster Andrews) Bred Heifers

Reputation Home Raised & Fancy

-70 (50Blk, 20Red) Angus Bred Heifers Bred Blk Angus, low bw, easy calving bulls to start calving Feb. 10, 2019,42 day calving period,  full health program, Pyramid 5 w/presponse, Fermicon 7 w/somnugen, Ivomec, this fall had 2 shots of scourbos.

Winchester Cattle Co. Bred Heifers

-30 Simm/Angus X Red, RWF, RBF Bred Heifers, Bred Red Ang. to calve Feb. 1st, 2019

-30 Black Simm/Angus X Bred Heifers Bred Blk Ang. to calve March 1, 2019

Trevor Marcinek Bred Heifers

-40 Blk. BBF& BWF Bred Heifers bred to low BW Black Angus bulls to start calving April 1, 2019.
Deep bodied, easy fleshing quiet heifers.  Half home raised and half purchased out of Lazy A Diamond Ranch herd dispersal. Full herd health, vaccinated with Express FP5, Vision 8 and Long Range pre breeding.
for more information or viewing on ranch prior to sale call 403-304-3701.

 Vair Whitlow Bred Heifers

-35 Blk & BBF Bred Heifers bred to low bw Blk Bull (Mathews bull), bulls out May 10th, One Iron, 1100lbs, Quiet Reputation, full herd health.

Allan Shields Bred Heifers

70 Reds & Blks Bred Heifers bred Blk Ang, bulls out May 10 pulled July 20, source from 3 different farms, full herd health, booster have been given, no scourguard.


Marvin Kendze Bred Heifers

-55 Red, RWF, RBF Simm/Ang X Bred Heifers, bred to Red Angus bulls, bw 76lbs & 80lbs, bulls out June 1st.

S&G Livestock Bred Cows

-40 Blk, Red & RBF Bred Cows, 3rd to 5th calvers, Blks bred Simm. Reds bred Char. to start calving Feb. 15, 2019

  Reese Cattle Co. Bred Heifers

-40 Blk Ang, 30 Red Ang. Heifers bred low BW Blk Ang. to calve March 1 to June 15th.

Elwyn & Theresa Cunningham Bred Cow Herd Reduction

      -20 to 25 Blk, BWF, Reds & Tan Cows, bred Char, to calve
       Feb 1st,2019, young to mature cows, home raised, 1 Iron

          Sunberry Valley Bred Cows 

            -80 Red Angus/Simmental X 2nd Calvers, bred Red Angus, low birth wt bulls, to start calving Mid February 2019